An Icy Adventure

This week we have been very hard at work! With our busy minds and busy bodies  we kept as warm as possible…

In maths we had a very interesting time learning about 2D shapes.  Not only were the children learning to recognise basic 2D shapes, they also learned to talk about the attributes of the different shapes.  The children enjoyed a variety of activities where they had to find the hidden shapes and describe them to their friends.  They even had the opportunity to play a few rounds of  shape bingo in class where they had to listen to the clues about each shape to see if they have it on their bingo board. The children absolutely loved exploring the activities.

As part of our Autumn topic, the children had the chance to go on a fresh morning walk to look for changes in the weather patterns.  The children were excited to find frost on the leaves and grass in the field and the water that had frozen in the mud kitchen’s pots and pans in our playground.  We decided to observe what happened to the bowl full of ice when we placed it in class, comparing it to the ice cubes in the playground. We had a great discussion about why the ice in class melted more quickly than the ice on the playground.

The wonderful Friends of Merry Hill also arranged for the children to help with the decoration of the school Christmas tree in the hall.  Watching their eyes light up, admiring their handy work was definitely a special moment!

How you can help at home:

As we have been going on various shape hunts, see if your child is able to identify shapes hidden in your house.  This could be the shape of the bathroom mirror, photo frames, plates or candles.  How many different shapes can they find?

Have a lovely weekend and remember to wrap up very warm… it is going to be freezing!
xx The Nursery team