English – Recounts

Our next unit of writing is non-fiction! Lots of us are excited to learn the features of a non-fiction text. This unit will focus on recounts and in particular a diary.

We began our non-fiction journey with a mystery. As part of the hook of the unit, we had to venture into the corridors and uncover the clues that would tell us more about what our non-fiction text was about. We used what we had already learnt in Geography and History, to uncover the clues. We discovered they were all London landmarks!

Take a look at us using our whiteboards to gather the clues!

After that, we learnt what our class recount is: a diary based on a book called ‘Katie in London’ by James Mayhew. It is based on a girl called Katie who travels around London with her Grandma and brother visiting London landmarks and seeing marvellous things, such as the Changing of the Guard!

As we are now Year Two, our teachers challenged us with some comprehension questions! We had to use what we had learnt and answer the question in full sentences! We then had an opportunity to mark it ourselves as a group. Take a look at some of our work:

Lastly, we learnt the whole class text! We then had to sequence the events in order using time words and write a summary of what happened in each event. Look at some of our work:

How to help at home:

  • Write a recount diary of an exciting day you have had!
  • When reading with your child, ask questions and encourage them to write answers to them in full sentences.
  • Use time words to sequence the day, for example first I went to school.
  • Research more landmarks within the UK or another country of interest and pop them onto Seesaw for us to see