Christmas – non-fiction

Hello everyone!
We have been learning about our last festival of light – Christmas.  This is a special time in the Christian faith and there’ll be lots of goodies and toys!  Christmas songs fill the air and it’s the season of goodwill and happiness for many.
Literacy:  Listen to the story of Christmas, there are many to choose from on YouTube, the children are familiar with the one above.  Discuss the story with your child, what happened?  Sequence the events.  What happened first, next, after that and finally.  Discuss why this is such an important festival in the Christian calendar.  Undoubtedly there will be a lot of discussion about Santa.  When sequencing the events, you could mention that the ‘reason’ Santa brings us presents is to remind us that the Shepherds and Wise Men brought gifts to baby Jesus.
Maths:  Our number of the week is 5 again. We will be revisiting numbers frequently.  Ask your child to show you 5 fingers.  We use a chant – high 5 (hand up in the air), low 5 (hand down by your side), over on the side 5 (stretch your arm out to one side), and all the way around 5 (shake your hand and go from one side of your body all the way to the other side of your body).  How many different ways can you make 5 using your fingers – all the fingers on one hand, two fingers on one side, 3 on the other, etc?  This will help your child understand that there are different ways of showing the same amount and support their early addition skills.  Don’t forget to remind them to count those fingers to make sure they’ve got the right amount.
A favourite Christmas tradition is to make Christmas gingerbread star cookies.  We have been using 5 pointed star cookie cutters for an obvious reason, enjoy!
Until next time, do good looking for adventures, clean your ears out for good listening and turn your noggins (brains) on for good learning.

Take care and stay safe,

Mrs Howe, Mrs Ogilvie-Jones, Mrs Mitzman,  Mrs Hill and Mrs Bence