Coronation Celebrations

Today we have enjoyed celebrating the King’s Coronation. We all came in proudly wearing our crowns and were keen to tell our friends about how we had made them.

We started the day with an assembly in the hall. We learnt about what will happen tomorrow during the coronation and watched a video that showed us Queen Elizabeth’s Coronation. At the end of the assembly we paraded out so everyone could see our crowns.

During English we thought back to the story we learnt in the spring term called ‘My Garden’. Instead of imagining we owned a place we thought about what we would do if we were the King or Queen for the day. Have a read of some of our ideas.

In Maths we learnt about shape. We practised naming and describing 2D shapes and we worked together with a partner to solve some shape riddles. Then we cut out some shapes and stuck them on to a crown template. The challenge was to hide our crowns from a partner and try to explain where we had put each shape on the crown so that our partner could make a matching one.

In the afternoon we made a Coronation collage. We cut an outline of King Charles or a crown and then used pictures to fill in the spaces. Some of us even chose to draw our own pictures to add to the collage.

We really enjoyed learning all about the Coronation today and some of us are looking forward to watching it on TV over the next few days. We hope you enjoy your weekend and any celebrating that you choose to do over the weekend. We look forward to hearing all about it on Tuesday.

How to Help At Home 

  • Talk about the Royal Family including who they are and what they do.
  • Watch some of the Coronation on TV and talk about how different parts make you feel.
  • Research the King and his predecessors and make a timeline.