This week in Reception

This week we have been working on improving our fine motor skills in a variety of ways.
We have made a boat and passengers  out of play dough for Mr Gumpy, followed instructions to draw a boat, built a bridge for the animals in the story to cross and used one to one correspondence to accurately count objects and carefully write the correct number.

We have also been enjoying watching the wildlife in the Reception Garden. Here is a lovely moment captured when 2 children from Elephant Class noticed a robin hopping around and were very still, quiet and focused.

The Coronation

We have been very interested to learn about the exciting Coronation plans coming up this weekend.

We had a go at making our own invitations to The Coronation.

We decorated biscuits with the colours of the Union Jack.

We have also learned to, “Compare and contrast characters from stories,
including figures from the past,” (Development Matters 2021) by looking at the Royal Family tree.

How you can help at home:

To support pupils in developing an understanding of past and present, have a look at the Royal Family tree and discuss who is older or younger and who King Charles’ parents and children are. Perhaps extend this into creating a family tree of your own family and upload any pictures of these onto Tapestry. We would love to see them.

This week’s nursery rhyme is The Goats Came Marching. Please join in at home: