Curious Geographers

At Merry Hill we are curious about the world and its people. We have started our Geography learning by exploring globes, maps and Google maps.

First we zoomed in and made a map of our classroom from a bird’s eye view and included a key to explain where things are. We enjoyed thinking of icons for important things we might need; like the class phone, books we like reading and the first aid kit.

Then we zoomed out and thought about what the rest of school would look like from above. We can identify human features, which are made by man and physical features which come from nature. There was some debate in Panthers about whether or not a metal pipe was a human or a physical feature because it looked like it was growing up from the ground! We chose one colour for human features and a different colour for physical features then coloured in a map of the school.

After that we zoomed out again and looked at the United Kingdom and discussed the four countries which make the UK. We are looking forward to seeing where our learning will take us next in the world and how it links to us and the lives we lead.

How you can help at home:

Discuss locality with your child – everyone’s local area depends on where they live and what they consider to be close to their home. Can you talk about your ‘local shops’, ‘local park’ or visit the local library to take out a new library book? Have fun!