What does waterproof mean?

This week we have been learning what the word waterproof means.  In year 1 we have learnt that ” Waterproof means that water cannot go through something”. Firstly, we discussed what we already know about this word. We looked at some of our friends waterproof jackets/coats and talked about why they are suitable for rainy weather. We used our Word Aware strategies to help learn the meaning of the word. To reinforce the meaning at home you could comment on other things that are waterproof.

Our experiment:

In this week’s lesson we met a teddy called George. He was very sad as he wanted to play outside but he did not have a waterproof jacket. So, Year 1 kindly tested out 5 different materials for George so he could make his own waterproof jacket.

Our findings:

We found out that tin foil and plastic were the most waterproof materials.

How you can help at home:

You can design and make a waterproof jacket for your teddy at home and test it by putting him outside in the rain.

Discuss with you child which materials worked best and why?

You can use the Year 1 science knowledge organiser to help you.