Design and Technology


At Merry Hill we teach Art and Design through a Monday morning extended session, beginning the week with ‘Mindfulness Mondays’ which give the children a soft start to the week, easing transition from the weekend back into school life.

In DT the children have been working so hard, using their creativity and imagination to design a puppet which they think other people would like to play with.

We remembered the artist Andy Goldsworthy who we studied in Autumn, and some types of joining that he does. He uses natural materials and joins them together to make sculptures. This year our joining has looked a little bit different… we have been sewing!! 

We have worked so hard to learn how to do a running stitch and practised first with binca fabric. We have been Ambitious Learners (how we act when we learn)– not giving up and persevering!We have been Collaborative Learners (our place in the world)– sometimes working with a friend or helping a friend with the trickier aspects of sewing like: pushing back through the way you came if you make a mistake, tying a knot to secure the thread, or pushing the thread through the ‘eye’ of the needle.


How you can help at home:

Trial using another type of stitch, or ask a family member who might know how to knit! Please do share any sewing or knitting tried on Seesaw, we would love to see the children’s application of this skill outside of school!