Digging Deeper

This week has been another incredibly busy and successful week. The children have had a great time practicing their new skills and taking part in a variety of activities.

This week we started a new class story that supports our learning about digging deeper! We have been listening to the adventures of Sam and Dave who decided to go on a mission to dig a hole.  During all of their efforts, they attempt to find something that will be “spectacular”.  Taking this all in, Nursery decided that we too want to find something spectacular, so we took the opportunity to dig a hole in the forest. There we found lots of treasures in our hole- rocks, tree roots, a plastic fish and lots and lots of worms 🪱.

Continuing with our story based learning, the children realised that Sam and Dave were digging in different directions to increase their chances of finding something spectacular and this made us think of an underground maze.  The children worked really hard to find the solutions to our online maze games and it gave  us a chance to talk about safe internet use.

While singing our Nursery rhymes, the children were able to use the positional language we used during the week to explain where Humpty Dumpty was standing!

How you can help at home: 

Ask your child to tidy up their toys by following the instructions you give them containing our positional language we have learned this week (see above).

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Best wishes,

The Nursery team xxx