Art in Year 2- Andy Goldsworthy

As a school we have all enjoyed learning about Andy Goldsworthy, an artist who loves working with nature. Year 2 have really been inspired by his work.

Andy Goldsworthy image

Here is a power point all about his life with incredible images of his art:

As we viewed his work we asked the following questions:
– What do you notice?
– What materials does the artist use?
– Are the materials man-made or natural?

We started by making our own nature art during mini explorers in the forest area. We took a long piece of sugar paper with a strip of double sided tape on and collected natural objects found in the forest. We then took them back to the classroom and drew one chosen item in great detail. The results were impressive:

The following week we returned to the forest to choose another natural item, such as a leaf, feather, twig or stone. This time we divided our sketch book into four and used different media; charcoal, pastels, pencil and pencil crayon and watercolour paint to draw the same object. We worked hard  to create  highly detailed images- this activity was quite challenging! What super results:


Andy Goldsworthy loves to create leaf mandalas

Leaf Mandelas by Andy Goldsworthy

Our Word Aware word was ‘symmetry‘ meaning ‘the same on both sides’. The children worked in colour teams in the forest to create their own mandelas and thought about the colours and symmetry Andy Goldsworthy used in his work. It was quite a windy day but the children coped amazingly! They were proud of their achievements through teamwork.

In the next lesson the children chose a leaf from the forest then returned to the classroom and cut it in half. Their task was to draw the other half, symmetrically. They carefully used their observations skills. Wow!!

We are now working on natural weaving. The children have created frames in which to weave natural materials. We are all really looking forward to returning to the forest next week to continue creating natural artwork in the style of Andy Goldsworthy.

How you can support at home

Go for a walk in the woods and create family nature art. Perhaps a leaf mandala, also using twigs and stones, thinking about the symmetry.

Encourage the use of different media when drawing.

Create your own natural paintbrush!