This week in Reception

Another week, another celebration of all our fantastic learning! Reception have been busy learning all about Chinese New Year. We read some stories about the animals that had a race and enjoyed finding out which animal we are based on the year that we were born. 2024 is the year of the dragon, so we had a go at making our own dragons in the creative area.

We have continued our learning about Andy Goldsworthy, creating some more of our own artwork based on his ideas. We have used a variety of materials, both inside and out.

In phonics this week, we have been revisiting all of our learning for this half term. We are really impressed with all the knowledge the children have picked up this year! They are even trying really hard to apply their learnt sounds within their independent writing – well done, Reception!

Tuesday 6th February was Internet Safety Day. We spoke to the children about being SMART when online and using the internet. The children were quick to try and remember these key messages:

S – stay safe (no sharing personal information)

M – don’t meet up (no meeting up with someone you only know from being online)

A – don’t accept (no messages, pictures or friend requests from strangers)

R – is it reliable? (knowing that some things on the internet are not true)

T – tell! (speak to a grown up when someone or something makes you feel worried or uncomfortable)

Please also explore the website below – there are some pictures and a story about keeping safe online.

How you can help at home:

Explore the website about internet safety:

Read with your child every day!

Provide opportunities for writing at home – shopping lists, meal plans, birthday cards, invitations, share recipes together etc

Play some board games to help your child take turns and practise maths in a fun way!

Find out which Chinese animal you and your family are based on the year that you were born.