This Week in Reception

Looking after Property

We have introduced Apple displays to help children know  which areas they are responsible for in tidy-up time, which so far has been a great success! This is helping the children learn to take care of property and respect our school. We will be rotating the names to ensure it is fair and so the children learn how to take care of everything they have been using.


In Nursery our children developed their listening skills through focusing on environmental sounds – e.g. they learnt to make a ‘woosh’ noise for a rocket. They recognised different animal sounds and different sounds that they can make with their voices. They started to recognise musical sounds and sounds that you can make on your body e.g clapping. Also, children started to experience the process of orally blending sounds to make words – e.g. C-A-T makes cat.

This year in Reception, all our children in Elephants and Zebras have been working hard on their single sounds for each letter of the alphabet, learning the letter name and the sound that they make to be able to blend sounds for reading and segment sounds for spelling. We have learnt how to blend and segment these sounds into words, thinking about how many sounds are in the word. Once we did this, it was time for the children to move on to the good stuff- diagraphs (two letters one sound)!!

Have a look at some of the short sentences we have been writing using sounds we have learnt this year.

Dinosaur Name Writing

We have been working on a wonderful DINO display to showcase the children’s hard work in Mindful Monday sessions and in the creative area. Look at our Roarsome art!

Our Nursery Rhyme this week:

How you can help at home:

Here are a range of fun, active games you can play to help your child learn  Harder to Read and Spell words. Harder to Read and Spell words (HRSW) should be read by sight and cannot always be decoded.

Autumn words we have learnt:

I, the, no, put, of, is, to go, into, pull as, his

Spring words we have learnt:

he, she, buses, we, me, be, push, was, her, my, you, they, all, are, ball, tall, when, what

If you play one of these games, please upload to Tapestry or write a Wow Card so we can share your child’s success and praise them for following the ‘Work hard’ Golden Rule at home!