English – Calligrams

For the last week, year two have been learning all about calligrams. We learnt that a calligram is a set of words arranged in a way that represent its meaning. We began by practising calligram words. We thought hard about how to draw some words, take a look below at some of our wonderful  work.

After that, we studied some WOW features of a calligram poem. We recapped expanded noun phrases and used them to describe our chosen rainforest animal. We really enjoyed choosing our rainforest animals as we have been learning about them in Science and Geography. We remembered that an expanded noun phrase is when we use an adjective + adjective + noun to create fantastic description. We also learnt about similes for the first time this week! We learnt a simile is a phrase that compares something to something else using the words like or as. We had to match the right similes together, ensuring they make sense! Then, we wrote our own similes about our rainforest animal.

Finally, we worked hard to put all of our new learning together. We knew our calligram had to be in the shape of our rainforest animal. We had great fun! Take a look at some of our work:

How to help at home

  • Visit your local library and pick up some poetry books to read.
  • Can you spot any similes in the books you are reading at home?
  • Can you create some similes, for example ‘my bedroom is as messy as a __________ ‘.