How to Catch a Star

In English we have been learning about instructions.

We were very surprised when we came in from playtime to see a trail of glitter through the corridor and in to our classroom, we didn’t know where it could have come from! Our teachers then found a letter on each of their chairs. We were very excited to read the letter. This is what it said:


We immediately decided that we could help the boy find the star. We had lots of our own ideas as to where the star might be and how we could find it.

Then our teachers taught us some instructions to find a star. We acted out the instructions carefully, making sure to use our talk for writing actions for the time words.

Here are some pictures of us following the instruction: ‘Next find a good place to hide’.

We were amazed to come in the next day and find the star had been caught whilst we all slept!

After this we worked together in our classes to change the instructions. This week we have been writing them. Have a look at some of our super work.

How to support at home 

  • Look for instructions around your home e.g. recipes, in games, Lego building.
  • Follow a recipe to bake something.
  • Write your own instructions to make or do something, share them on Seesaw for your friends to see.