The last week.

In Nursery we had another very busy and successful week.  With all the parent consultations completed it was lovely to reflect on all the progress the children have made this half term.  As a team, we are immensely proud of the children’s hard work throughout the past 6 weeks and we look forward to another successful half term after a well deserved break!

In class the children had the opportunity to focus on their maths skills, making the most of the variety of different activities to practice their counting, number recognition and ordering of numbers. They have worked incredibly hard to work mathematically and to be accurate when counting.


During our phonics sessions the children have been hard at work attempting to discriminate between sounds, especially initial sounds of words. This is an integral skill needed for when children start decoding words in order to read by themselves.  Children enjoyed playing games where they had to find the “odd sound out” This entailed children looking at a set of pictures or objects and having to say with what sound each object starts, they could then decide which object had a different initial sound.

The children had their last PSHE session for this half term. Hearing them talk about the challenges they have set themselves, from swimming without arm bands, learning to write letters from their names or riding a bike and how much progress they have made towards their goal has been inspiring. They might not have fully reached their goals YET, but we know they will not stop trying and practising!

How you can help at home:

Here are a few links to online games that will help support your child’s maths and phonics learning.

We hope you all have a restful break and we are looking forward to another eggs-trodinary half term, choc and block full of learning.
xxx The Nursery team