Does the offspring of an animal always look like its adult?

This term in our science, Year 2 have been looking at living things and what they need to survive. We have thought hard how each living thing has four basic needs: oxygen, shelter, food and water. Further than this, we dived into learning our new science word of the week: offspring. 

We learnt about how offspring does not always have to look like its adult. We sorted the animal cards to match the offspring with their adult. Then, we spoke about how we could also sort our animal cards into different animal groups, such as amphibians or reptiles. For example, are all reptile offspring the same/different to their adult?

After,  we started to write sentences into our books, for example, “The offspring of a frog is a tadpole. It does not look like its adult.” After, some of us challenged ourselves further and described what animal group it is from.

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