Observing a plant over time..

In Science this half term, Year One have been learning all about plants.

This has been running alongside our English learning of Jack and the Beanstalk. Both Panthers and Lions have been working really hard- as well as producing some amazing hot tasks in English, they have been growing a bean from a seed and observing it change over time in a Plant Diary.

We have learnt the parts of a plant, including the seed, root, shoot, stem, leaves and bud.

We have learnt that plants need three things to grow: water, sunlight and carbon dioxide. We know that carbon dioxide is the gas that humans breathe out. We kept this in mind when we planted our beans and decided they should be watered every day, be kept on the windowsill and it was good that there are so many people in the classroom to give them carbon dioxide!

Here we are planting and caring for our beans. We have been very responsible. This is fantastic as one of our Golden Rules is looking after property. Well done! We are so proud of you.


How you can help at home:

Measure plants in centimetres and discuss their height using short, shorter and shortest or tall, taller and tallest to describe.

Go on a plant hunt around where you live, take some photos and see what you can find out about this plant by researching. You can use videos, books, the internet and other people to find out answers.