We are on a mission!

This week in Nursery we have taken our topic of “Digging Deeper” even further by exploring the idea of challenging ourselves.

In our Jigsaw session this week, we used different materials to attempt to build towers.  Our mission was to try and build a tall tower that was strong  and could stand up by itself.  We had great fun experimenting with different ideas and working together as a team to complete our challenge.  It was a great opportunity to develop our perseverance and to understand that being frustrated when something goes wrong is ok, but that we still have to carry on trying! A very valuable lesson was learned 😉

In Maths this week, we have looked at the properties of 2D shapes.  We have been on a shape hunt in the class to see where we can find different shapes in our environment and we were very surprised to see that there were shapes hidden all around us!  We are also starting to use our knowledge of shapes to describe them to our friends by using mathematical language, e.g “This shape has 4 corners and 4 sides that are the same size, it’s a square!”


How you can help your child at home

Why don’t you try to find different 2D shapes at home or while you are out and about this weekend? We would love to see what shapes you can spot! As an extra challenge, try describing the number of sides and corners the shapes have.

Have a lovely weekend and keep warm in this icy weather.
The Nursery team x