In Year 1 this week we have been learning to measure. We started the conversation around this learning by measuring length and height. We measured pieces of paper and compared their lengths using vocabulary such as: long, longer, longest. We rotated them to discuss height, using taller and shorter.

We continued our learning by measuring the mass of different objects. We used weighing scales to measure how heavy and light items were. We compared the mass using stem sentences such as ‘ The ___ was heavier than the ___ but was lighter than the ____’.

Finally we measured the speed of cars and the speed of different items by dropping to the floor. We used the language 1st, 2nd, 3rd, slower, faster and quick.

Some children in Year 1 have been measuring items from home and ordering them from shortest to tallest. Keep up the good work on Seesaw!


We also do a maths session every day called Mastering Number, where we encourage all the children to become ‘number masters’ and speak confidently about number. This week we have been using a grid to represent number bonds to 9. We have used the stem sentence ‘9 is made of ___ and ____ ; ____ and _____ make 9’.

How you can help at home:

– Drop items from the same height and see which item is first and which is quickest and slowest.

– Measure the height of different toys and compare them using the language tall, taller , tallest, short, shorter and shortest.