This week in Nursery…

This week in Nursery we finally concluded our story of Sam and Dave. In the story the boys dug their hole  so deep that they fell all the way through the earth to land in a completely different country. And it just so happened that they landed in China, just in time for the Chinese New Year celebrations!

We took the opportunity to learn more about Chinese culture and how they choose to celebrate the start of a new lunar year. We also watched a short video of how each New Year got their name.  After listening to the story, the children enjoyed acting out the story with masks of all the characters.


We also tried to organise the animals in the correct order and used their ordinal numbers to help them.

To round up our celebrations, we made red money envelopes, we tried to use chopsticks to pick up rice, we tried to write Chinese symbols and we danced to Chinese music.

This week in Maths, we continued with our 2D shape learning. We used our knowledge of the different shapes’  properties to create them in a variety of ways.  It was important that everyone was able to talk about the properties of the shapes in order to know how to form each shape.

How you can help at home

Why don’t you see if you can create a number of 2D or even 3D shapes using different materials you can find at home and add it on Tapestry for us to be able to see!

Have a fabulous weekend,

The Nursery Team