Guacamole Dip!

In Design Technology this half term we have been evaluating, designing and making our own guacamole dip! The children have been such active and curious learners during these sessions. Plus we as teachers have been really impressed with the teamwork and independence that the children have shown.

We started by thinking about dips in general; what dips are, when do we eat them, what do we eat them with and what the children’s favourite dips are.

We focused on guacamole and discussed its origins and what it is made of. We learnt that it is a Mexican snack made mainly of avocados and includes tomatoes, lime and coriander.

Our word aware word was evaluate-deciding if something has been done in the best way and wondering if it can be improved?   In colour groups the children had the opportunity to use their senses to evaluate the shop bought dip and filled in an evaluation grid, commenting on appearance, texture, smell and taste (if children wanted to try it!).

During our next lesson we revisited the Eatwell plate from the Autumn term and thought about where the ingredients for guacamole belonged. We concluded that this was a a healthy snack to eat!

In Week 3 the children learnt how to make  guacamole by following a simple recipe. Guacamole recipe

First hygiene rules were covered; pushing sleeves up, washing hands, tying long hair back, wiping down surfaces. Then it was modelled to the children how to follow the recipe using the ingredients and how to use tools and utensils safely.  Then it was over to the children!

Each colour group worked as a team following the method; the children allocated the different jobs between them and produced a great result. Again they had the opportunity to evaluate their team’s guacamole and compare it to the shop bought version. The last question they were asked was ‘What would you add to improve it?’ The children then had to work as a team to design their own guacamole, enhanced by other ingredients. They chose peppers, lemon juice, cheese, carrots, cucumber etc…

The following week they repeated the above process and added their enhancements!

We discussed their immediate reactions,

“I’m not sure it tasted as good as last week’s” 

“It is yummy”

“The onion is very strong!”

“I liked it better, plain”

Next week we will evaluate our enhanced guacamole further.

Which one will they like best??


How you can help at home.

Encourage your child to help in the kitchen- stirring, mashing, cutting with cutlery knife.

Compare and contrast different flavours of food.

Evaluate the same types of food eg: breakfast cereals, types of apple.

Have a go at making guacamole at home!