Rosie’s Walk

This week Reception have had lots of fun listening to the story ‘Rosie’s Walk’ by Pat Hutchins.

We discussed  and drew our favourite parts.

 ‘This is Rosie and that’s her house’

‘The fox is sneaking up on the hen’

One child described their favourite part saying ‘I liked it when the flour went on the fox’.  Lots of us laughed loudly at this part. ‘The sneaky fox got covered in flour!’ said another child.

We loved acting out the story outside. We pretended to walk past the mill and go over the haycock. We finished the story where we had started, back at Rosie’s home.

We also ordered cards of the story

Next week we will be making our very own story maps of Rosie’s Walk and starting to change the story to make it our own.

Can you retell the story to your grown up at home? 

Maybe you could play a game where you move over, under, through and past things in your house or garden?

Could you make an obstacle course and include things to move through and under?