This week in Reception

This week we have started a new story called Handa’s Surprise.

We have started to explore the story further in Child Initiated Learning and have been doing some fantastic writing in our purple books.  We will keep you posted so keep an eye out for more amazing story writing soon! Here we are in explore time trying out the new Handa Surprise masks and persevering to hang them up by ourselves in the storytelling area. When asked ‘how do you feel about the new story?’ some of the children said “in the green zone because we feel happy and excited!” We have been learning the new story, generating new story ideas and writing harder to read and spell words ‘she’, ‘will’ ‘like’, ‘the’ etc.

We have a bowl of fruit from the story which we got to see and discuss- the ripe, red mango, the yellow prickly pineapple, the creamy green avocado etc. (Miss Bates sadly couldn’t get a guava in Sainsburys so one of the girls cleverly made a yellow guava out of lego for the fruit bowl! Great thinking!)


Fiddly Fingers: 

The children have been using our soft start in the mornings between 8:45 and 9am to continue their Fiddly Finger learning which helps develop fine motor skills and supports the children’s writing skills.

Threading and manipulating play doh has really helped to develop and strengthen the muscles in their hands.

The children have been identifying numerals then using play doh to add the correct number of apples into a tree as well as onto a tens frame.

The children have also been learning to problem solve and colour in between the lines when doing a Safari Colour by numbers scene.

The children have been counting pictures from Handa’s Surprise and forming numerals themselves using a secure tripod grip to hold their pencil.

The children have been doing a smashing job of putting their activities away in their folders, filing them independently into their colour groups before sitting to take the register at 9am.

Our new harder to read and spell words learnt in Phonics this week are ‘one’, ‘out’ and ‘little’.

Our Nursery rhyme of the week has been ‘One Tomato, Two Tomatoes’-

How You Can Help At Home:

  • Daily reading and writing in your child’s orange reading record
  • Singing the nursery rhyme of the week
  • Encouraging your child to write or draw the story map for the new story at home
  • Discuss “doubles” and use different representations of doubles including fingers, toys, items in the kitchen
  • Observe changes in the seasons as we transition from Winter to Spring- finally!