This week in Reception

Mindful Monday

Our week started off with our calm Mindful Monday session. Last week we learnt about designers of tall tower blocks and how they are built to make them strong. We watched some great videos. You can watch them here too:

We then joined Lego, Duplo, Sticklebricks and Mobilo together to build our own tall towers.

Following on from this, we learnt to join in other ways including:

  • Glue to stick features on a paper owl
  • Hole punches and treasury tags to make a notebook
  • Split pins on a weather wheel
  • Sellotape to make a booklet

The children were engrossed in these activities and are looking forward to rotating to a new one next week! Here are some photos:

Fiddly Fingers

On Tuesday to Thursday mornings, our day begins with ‘Fiddly Fingers’ and we started new activities this week:

These included writing our name, forming numerals correctly, counting objects in a group and recording, tracing over dotted owls, drawing around shapes and balancing a pom-pom on a golf tee, using tweezers!

(Children in Reception will learn to ‘develop their small motor skills so that they can use a range of tools competently, safely and confidently. Suggested tools: pencils for drawing and writing, paintbrushes, scissors, knives, forks and spoons’. Development Matters, 2021)

Literacy – Owl Babies

This week we are innovating the story. The children are now much more confident retelling the original story so the next stage is to change elements of it. As a class we talked about where the baby owls thought their mother had gone e.g hunting for food or they were worried that a fox had got her. In talk partners the children discussed their own ideas of where the owl mother had gone. There were some great suggestions such as going to the toy shop to get an owl-teddy, to the cinema to watch a film or that a shark had got her! We really enjoyed innovating ‘Owl Babies’ together. 

Understanding the World – St David’s Day

On Wed 1st of March it was St David’s Day and we enjoyed learning some facts together about the Patron Saint of Wales and also the way the day is celebrated.

We learnt that:

  • St David lived a very, very long time ago!
  • Wales is next to England (locating it on a map)
  • That Welsh people wear a leek or a daffodil in celebration of the day.
  • Children might wear traditional Welsh dress
  • The Welsh flag has a red dragon on it!

(In Reception children will ‘recognise that people have different beliefs and  celebrate special times in different ways‘ Development Matters, 2021)

During exploring time this week the children had a go at some observational drawing of daffodils and painted them using water colour paints. They listened well and followed the instructions carefully.


How you can help at home.

Our Nursery Rhyme this week has been reinforcing key sentences in maths: ‘When counting in 1s the sequence of numbers always stays the same’.  You can sing along here!

Look out for pictures next week of World Book Day! Wishing you a lovely weekend.

The Reception Team