This week in Reception

Spring has sprung!
Here is our Curiosity Cuboid ready for Easter. The children have enjoyed looking at it and spotting the signs of Easter.

Understanding the World

The children have been helping us to plant some seeds in the investigation area. They will be eagerly observing changes over time.


We have begun our Jungle Gym gymnastic lessons. To begin with, we started moving around the hall like a jungle animal. Here you can see our orangutan and panda moves. Next we put our moves to music. Each time the music stopped we climbed onto some equipment and went to sleep. Next week we will be adding our animal moves to different pieces of gym equipment.

Literacy – Owl Babies

This week we are innovating the story. The children are now much more confident retelling the original story so the next stage is to change elements of it. As a class we talked about where the baby owls thought their mother had gone e.g hunting for food or they were worried that a fox had got her. In talk partners the children discussed their own ideas of where the owl mother had gone. There were some great suggestions such as going to the toy shop to get an owl-teddy, to the cinema to watch a film or that a shark had got her! We really enjoyed innovating ‘Owl Babies’ together. 

Phonics review

We are reviewing all the phonemes we have learned so far and learning some harder to read and spell words.

This week the words we are learning are:





Please challenge your child to use the words in a sentence and identify them in their reading books. Please remind your child that phonics will not help them to read these words. They need to recognise them by sight.

How you can help at home:

Our Nursery Rhyme this week is “One man went to mow.” Join in with it here:


The Reception Team