Gymnastics Joy!

In PE this term we have been developing lots of key  skills, such as balancing and jumping in gymnastics. Year 1 have enjoyed safely using the equipment in the hall. This week Mr Davies created an obstacle course for us to complete! Along the obstacle course we had to climb, jump and balance.

We look forward to developing these skills into a sequence.

Sport England Survey- We need your help! 

We are also thrilled to be taking part in the Sport England Active Lives survey. The survey measures participation in sport and physical activity. As a result Sport England will provide our school with a bespoke report outlining the results as well as a Healthy School Rating Scheme. This helps us recognise and encourage pupils’ health and well-being across KS1.

In addition Sport England would love to hear from parents. The survey is easy to follow and takes around 5-10 minutes to complete. Each completed parental survey is an additional £10 worth of free equipment for the pupils to enjoy- how amazing! Each parent reply would make a huge difference to the additional PE resources we could offer. 

The link to complete the parental survey is: 

We thank you for your support!

What you can do at home

Create your own obstacle course at home. Focus on balancing, jumping and climbing. Time how long it takes each family member or friend to complete the obstacle course. 

Using positional language, who came first, second and third?