Healthy Me!

As part of Merry Hill’s Drivers, we believe children should have the opportunity to be a Healthy Learner. So, this week in our Jigsaw sessions we have been thinking about being  a Healthy Me!

As part of this learning, we have been thinking about how we can be more self-aware of the relationship our body has to healthy foods. This had us thinking about what foods we can give our bodies to ensure we have a balanced and healthy diet. Then, we discussed further the impact particular food groups have on our bodies using our prior learning of the Eatwell Plate.

We began our lesson with a game! We were each given a food group to be a part of, for example carbohydrates, and when the teacher called out a type of food, for example bread, then you switched places with another carbohydrate. It challenged our knowledge of the food groups and made us consider how these different foods can help us keep our bodies balanced and ready to learn. We considered which foods are good forms of energy and will give us the nutrition we need.

After that, we then could design our own healthy Eatwell Plate, which would include all the food groups to keep a balanced diet. Look at us below creating our plates!

How to help at home:

  • When serving dinner, you could ask your child which food groups they have and what we might still need to have a balanced diet.
  • Think about the foods and how they make us feel, for example foods that give us more energy.
  • Challenge your child to make a menu for your dinner!