Mother’s Day

This morning we had a lovely time creating a gift for someone special in our lives.

First we picked the flowers. There were lots of different colours to chose from. Some of the flowers had not bloomed yet so  we called those our ‘mystery flowers’! We discussed our recent learning in Science and debated whether the plants we were planting for our family were ‘Wild’ or ‘Garden’ plants. We decided, after some thought, that our plants would look beautiful in a garden and did not look like weeds so this meant they were garden plants and not wild.

Then we placed the flower in a pot and gently filled it with soil.

Next we wrapped the pot in bright tissue paper. They looked beautiful!

Finally we wrote our names on a label.

The children are very excited to share their handmade gift with someone who is important to them.

We would like to say a BIG thank you to the Friends Of Merry Hill for organising the event. The whole school loved it.