Hello Reception

Hello Reception!

What a lovely week we have had! The sun has been shinning and we have spent lots of time outside! You can see from our pictures we have had some very busy builders in the sandpit – it is a very popular choice during Child Initiated Play! The children are great at taking turns and working out when there’s a space to play as there’s only room for 6 busy builders at a time. We have been working on our garden center this week – labeling things together and also producing a menu and a till for our cafe – more pictures to follow next week when the cafe is up and running!  On Tuesday we went into the woods for our Mini Explorers session.

Inside we made some lovely play-dough and added in some freshly picked lavender  – it smelled amazing and we worked on our kneading skills ( from our book The Little Red Hen). Lots of letter and book making has been going on and is always a busy table and as you can see from the pictures – building a train track is always a fun activity – we’ve some fantastic engineers designing the track in our midst!


Sound of the Week

We are learning to ,”read individual letters by saying the sounds for them,” (Development Matters 2021).

This week we have been looking at the sounds ‘s’ ‘a’ ‘t’ and ‘p’. There are lots of lovely rhymes to help us remember the sound – ask the children to see if they can remember the songs – ‘a’ sound involves ants on our arm!

If you would like to practice the sounds over the weekend, have a look around the house and see what you can find starting with those sounds. For example a picture of an ant; an apple; scissors; sellotape; a train; a tree; a piece of paper or something pink! Lay the objects out on the floor along with some other items that start with different sounds and grab yourself a big bowl and a spoon! Now you’re ready to make Silly Soup! Ask your child to find something that begins with ‘s’ for example and pop it in to the bowl and stir while singing!

Silly soup, silly soup, 

We’re making soup that’s silly;

We’ll pop it in the refrigerator, 

to make it nice and chilly! 

There are lots of other games you can play too!


Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the sunshine!

The Reception Team