Exploring the 5 Senses!

Following on from their learning about the human body in Science, Year One have been learning about the five senses.

This week the children investigated different several activities in the classroom to discover and discuss which senses they were using.

We all had a lot of fun! We tasted lemon, we smelled mint leaves, felt a bumpy pineapple and then wrote a list of adjectives to describe what we were looking at. Finally, we listened to music and enjoyed the melodies.

How You Can Help At Home:

  • Try a new food and use your senses to describe it (sweet, sour, salty). Think about how it looks and draw a picture.  Go one step further and label your drawing!
  • Use your listening sense to listen to a new piece of music. What different instruments can you hear and discuss with family what you like and dislike about the genre of music (jazz, pop, classical).