Hug By Jez Alborough


This week we have been reading the book Hug by Jez Alborough. It is a story about love and belonging. Bobo needs a hug but he is lost and can’t find his Mummy. The animals in the story show great kindness and empathy when Bobo begins to feel sad. They help him to find the the Hug he really wants and needs from his Mummy.

Hugs can express the deepest feelings without the need for words. Everybody needs a hug sometimes whether you are young or old, big or small, hugs are universal.

When Jez Alborough wrote the book he shared his thoughts behind it. ” I liked the idea that if every Mum or Dad gives their child a hug after reading the book there would be one more hug in the world for each reading”. What a great idea to spread a little kindness and love.

We have been talking about empathy and kindness during carpet time this week. As the children are starting to build friendships with eachother these skills and emotions are so important as they interact and play together.

Some of the things we practice daily at nursery: Sharing our toys, turn taking, helping someone if they are hurt or sad, saying something kind to someone, using our manners, smiling and being friendly to others. We have been focussing on how it makes us feel if someone acts this way toward us and the children agree it makes them feel happy.

Perhaps you could help to support this by celebrating the kind things that your children are doing at home. make a note of it and stick it on a kindness board or maybe put a button in a jar letting them know that you have noticed something that they have done. I’m sure they will feel very proud of themselves for being praised for their kindness.

I hope you enjoy the story and remember when life feels complicated and overwhelming sometimes all we need is some kindness and a good Hug.