This week in Nursery

Hello everyone!
This week we have been sharing our love with the trees in our forest.  Having read Hug by Jez Alborough, we decided that we would hug the trees.  There were lots of interesting words used to describe how trees felt, rough, smooth, tickly, prickly, hard, and even cold.
More fun adventures were had outdoors when we described how shaving foam felt.  Children really enjoyed this activity too and spent ages experimenting with how it felt and making marks in it.  It’s a great way for them to practice their writing skills and it’s very entertaining!  Words used to describe the shaving foam ranged from squishy and soft to commenting that it smelled like their dad.  There was even an attempt to ‘shave’ like their dad!
We will be looking at the artist Clarice Cliff this term and the bright, bold colours she used in her pottery. We will be making our own versions in the coming weeks and have started with mixing colours.  The sensory aspect of this activity really appealed to children.  If you’ve got any paint at home you could try it too.  All you  need are the primary colours red, yellow and blue, a see through bag you can seal (very important!) and your hands to mix it once it’s in the bag.  The effects the paints make before they become completely mixed are quite stunning (another talking point).  The texture is pretty cool too and very good for overstimulated children to come back into the ‘green zone’.  It’s very soothing (also works for overstimulated parents who need a moment or two).  Another way to use the bags are for mark making and name writing.  All you need is your finger or a cotton wool bud.  Make sure you seal the bag though so that little fingers can’t open it!  Enjoy!!
Until next time, do good looking for adventures, clean your ears out for good listening and turn your noggins (brains) on for good learning.

Take care and stay safe,

Mrs Howe, Mrs Ogilvie-Jones, Mrs Mitzman,  Mrs Hill and Mrs Bence