This week in Reception

Hello Elephants and Zebras,

This week we have moved on to a new story in Literacy called The Magic Porridge Pot. We now know the story with our Talk for Writing actions and we have made puppets at school – ask the children to retell the story. We are learning to “Listen to and talk about stories to build familiarity and understanding.”  (Development Matters 2021)

Lots of children have told us they have porridge for breakfast with a variety of scrummy toppings.  During Child Initiated Learning the children had the option to make porridge inside and outside and in lots of different ways – our sensory tray with added lavender was a huge hit! Our mud kitchen has been busy – we are using gravel and water ( when we wear our aprons!) to cook with.  We have also had some excellent towers being built. At the art table some very creative weaving of left-over edges of paper – great skills!


We have been listening to rock music. The children recognised some of the songs from home and  we have some amazing dancers in class! Are there any parents who play an instrument and would like to come and talk about it to us!?   On Thursday we went to the library again, please remember to put your library book in your book bag and bring it back to school in order to change it for a new one.

Sound of the week

We are learning to ,”read individual letters by saying the sounds for them” and “develop the foundations of a handwriting style which is fast accurate and efficient” (Development Matters 2021).

This week we have been practising our ‘n and ‘m’  sounds as well as revising last week’s letters and we have been looking at how to write the letters that go with each sound.

How you can help at home:

If you would like to practise the sounds at home – have a walk inside or outside and see what you can spy starting with our sounds!  Here are our rhymes to remember our letter formation shapes:

Have a lovely weekend,

The Reception Team