Peace at Last by Lions and Panthers


In English we are learning to change the learnt story of ‘Peace at Last’ by Jill Murphy. Last week we created a class version of the story, changing our whole class story map. Both Lion class and Panther class changed the Bear family to a Fox Family. We even went one step further and changed locations!

This week the children have independently created their own versions of ‘Peace at Last’. We worked together to think of lots of character and location ideas- it was very creative! Then the children got to work editing their story maps.  Some children changed their family to a family of Trolls, Godzillas, Unicorns and Siberian Huskies! It was so lovely to see the children’s interests flourish.

Here are some examples of their story maps:

Once the planning was done, we started writing!

We are very excited to finish our stories this week.

How You Can Help At Home:

Re-reading a book is great for fluency. Maybe you could take one of your favourite books and change the characters and locations?