I am thinking of a number…

This week in Maths, Panthers and Lions have been building on our Reception learning of working with numbers 1 to 10 and we have been making numbers greater than 10. We are also using new language to discuss place value, trying to decide how many ‘tens’ and ‘ones’ a number has. Our teachers have been so impressed with the steps we take to prove our thinking, by using cuisenaire rods, bead strings, tens frames AND part part models to represent the number in different ways and double check.

The next step we will take is for the children to choose a number greater than ten and challenge themselves to find out how many tens and ones it has in it, write its name, make it and draw it. Keep looking on Seesaw to see how we get on with the challenge later in the week!

How you can help at home:
Play the ‘I am Thinking of a Number Game’ for example… ” I am thinking of a number which is greater than 10 but is fewer than 20. My number is an even number so I know it needs to be in the twos counting pattern… My number is one more than 13 and two fewer than 16… what could be the number I am thinking of?” This is a great one to play in the car!