Indy Wincy Spider

This week in Nursery our learning was all about our favourite creepy Crawley- The spider!

We read a range of fiction and non-fiction books about spiders and used our new knowledge about spiders to complete some of the learning activities in class.

Our favourite book this week was Spinderella- a story about a little spider who loved numbers and she wanted to learn how to count!  You can watch a video of the story here:

This led to us doing lots of counting and number work.  We loved playing dominoes and making sure we gave the spiders the correct number of legs.

We also compared the story of The very busy spider by Eric Carlè to Incy Wincy Spider by Keith Chapman.  Apart from the main idea that both books were about spiders, we noticed that the setting of the stories were similar and that there were similar characters in the books!

During our child initiated learning, we made our own spiderlings from junk modelling to live in the orb webs we weaved for them in class and we even managed to create our tangled webs in the forest. We also made magical rainbow webs, where we used glue to create the shape of the webs that we then covered with salt. Once our webs dried out, we used watercolour paints to create our rainbow webs- it was very interesting to see what happened to the water paint when it touched the salt!

It sure was a very busy week for all of us.

How you can help at home:

We are practicing number formation in class and use this song to support us in learning the rhymes that match with each number.  Can your child form some of the numbers from 1-10 or even beyond? Have a go and remember to put a photo of your child’s work on Tapestry.

Have a fantastic weekend as always!
The Nursery Team xxx