This week in Year two we have been focusing on trust in our Jigsaw session.

We thought about how we know if we can trust someone, for example are they a family member or a teacher.  We also discussed why it is important to know who is a trusted person. Lots of us thought that someone we trust is usually a kind, helpful and friendly person for example our friends or teachers.

We were given the task of sorting pictures of people into a trust circle and those we would not trust.  For example, lots of us said we would trust a policeman but we wouldn’t trust a stranger we didn’t know. We explained that a policeman is there to keep us safe and therefore, he should be trusted.

Finally, we drew a picture of three people who are in our trust circle, just in case we needed someone to tell a worry to. Lots of us said our parents at home, our teachers in school and one key friend in our year who we trust.

Take a look at some pictures of us below:

How to help at home: 

  • Talk about trust at home – who can the children trust outside of school?
  • Create a trust exercise game such as falling into each others arms (ensure this is with a supervising adult)