This week in Nursery

Last but not least, this week we have learned all about bees! As the weather has been slightly warmer, the children have really enjoyed spending more time in the garden exploring and spotting all of our minibeasts we have learned about.  During our child initiated learning they had the opportunity to create everything stripy. They enjoyed developing their fine motor skills in a range of different activities and this will really support them when continuing to practice forming letters in their and their friends’ names.

In English we have focussed on non-fiction texts in order to find as many facts about bees as we could.  It has certainly been very interesting and we have learned a lot of new vocabulary.  Did you know that wild bees live in hives/ bees nests and domesticated bees live in an apiary?

As the week progresses, we tried to recall some of the facts we have learned and I was very impressed with how clearly the children could share their facts.  The children have certainly become effective communicators of late. Of course you would only find real beekeepers a credible source of information about bees, so we decided to dress up for the part.

In maths the children worked very hard at recognising numbers, checking that their answers were correct and then finding the number that is 1 more or 1 less than the given number. They also learned how to make a tessellated pattern with hexagons to replicate the inside of a beehive.

As part of our Jigsaw learning (personal, social and emotional development) we continued with our class discussions around friendship and sometimes falling out.  We put our new ideas into practice in the forest when we had to work in pairs to build a shelter or home for our class pets. It was lovely to see children working together, solving problems and negotiating with each other to complete the task. I was very proud of how well they all worked together!

How you can help at home:
The children really enjoyed playing the beekeeper maths game where they had to find one more or one less bee in the apiary, why not try it at home during the week?
As always we hope you have a lovely weekend AND a well deserved half term break.  Enjoy the sunshine and we will see you all back on Monday, 5th June.
The Nursery team  xx