Maths – subitising

We are continuing to learn to subitise (Development Matters 2021.) The children have already had lots of experience with perceptual subitising (seeing the quantity without counting) and with making collections of small amounts.

This week, the children have been encouraged to continue representing quantities in different ways, including by showing amounts on 1 hand ‘all at once’. There was also a new focus on the symbolic representation of number and the children have worked on their recognition of numerals to 5, matching numerals to correct quantities in various games.

Here are some pictures of us practising subitising by playing a number track game using dice, creating our own representations of 5 and matching subising patterns with objects from the environment.

How you can help at home:

Ask your child to say how many of an object they have and see if they can do it without counting – for example, sausages on their plate, buttons on their T-shirt, laces on their trainers. Continuing playing board games that use dice and praise your child when they identify how many to move without counting the dots.