Measurements in Maths

In Maths Year 1 have been learning to compare and solve practical problems for length, height, mass and time. We focused on ‘talking like a mathematician’ using specific language when comparing and solving.

When comparing length we looked at the height of different objects and our class friends. We used key vocabulary like ‘taller’, ‘longer’ and ‘shorter’. We then ordered our chosen objects from shortest to tallest.

When thinking about weight, we were comparing mass using our hands as a human scale. Then we thought, to make our work accurate we should use balanced scales! We weighed up different household and classroom objects, using key vocabulary like ‘heavier’, ‘lighter’ and ‘equal’. Then we ordered our chosen objects from lightest to heaviest.

Then we compared time. Firstly looking at ‘quickest’ and ‘slowest’, racing cars down a ramp. We had lots of fun! Finally we used ordinal numbers to order time events. We all went outside and raced. We discussed in our teams who came first, second, third and fourth.

We continued our learning in mini explorers discussing and comparing the measurements of natural resources.

How you can help at home:

Go on a walk outside. Chose 5 different natural resources. Talking like a mathematician, compare the length and mass of each object. For example “The stick is heavier than the leaf.”

Ask your family members or friends to have a race. It could be a hopping race, a jumping race or even an obstacle course! Discuss who came first, second, third and fourth.