Maths- Understanding Part, Part, Whole.

Over the last week in Lions and Panthers we have been deepening our understanding of part-part-whole models. We have been using numbers less than 20 to problem solve. Our key sentence for problem solving is ‘When solving a problem I will use what I know’.

We found one lesson in particular very exciting as it included robots! We had to connect a head, a body and legs and find as many possibilities as we could. Each body part represented a number below 20. However, we had to make a number less than 20 otherwise the robot would not work. Have a look at our exciting lesson:

How you can help at home:
  • Use our key sentences to find different part, part, wholes at home ‘Part + part = whole’ and ‘Whole – part = part’.
  • Find the difference between 2 sets of objects (1 pile of 6 biscuits and 1 pile of 12 socks). Finding the difference is how many more to get to the larger number.