Meet the Beasts!

This afternoon Year 1 had some unusual visitors…

As part of our science learning we have been learning about amphibians, birds, fish, mammals and reptiles. We know what makes an amphibian an amphibian and have discussed the difference between different animals.

Today we got to meet, touch and even hold a number of reptiles!

Dr. Stuart visited us with all his friends. First we met Lollypop the leopard gecko and gave her a gentle stroke.

Then we looked closely at a family of scorpions. There were big and small scorpions!

Next we were very brave a stroked a tarantula called Rosie. She was very soft and smooth!

Finally we met Geoff, the boa constrictor. He has dry scaly skin and squeezes his prey! Geoff was very friendly and everyone loved holding him.

We are extremely proud of how brave the Year 1 children were this afternoon. We look forward to picking one of Dr Stuarts animals to writing a English report in the near future.