Meet the Beasts!

This week we had a very special visitor in Year 1 and he brought some of his animal friends with him! Stuart came to school to talk to us about some of his (unusual) pets and helped us with our Science learning.

We learned lots of interesting facts!

Did you know…….?

Animals that have 8 legs are called arachnids. Spiders and scorpions are both arachnids.

Snakes shed their skin around every 6-8 weeks

A leopard gecko is so named due to the spotted markings it has on its body to help it camouflage and stay safe from predators

Snakes use their tongues to smell and will remember smells they have experienced before

Look at the photos of us being very brave! Some of us even held Geoff the snake!

You can meet some of the animals here

How you can support your child’s learning at home:

* talk about the responsibility of having a pet

*talk about the needs of different animals and how to care for them