Mental Health Week

Mental health is all about how we are feelings, the thoughts we are having and how this affects the choices we make and how we behave. It is also how we are able to cope with what is happening in our daily lives.

At Merry Hill we know how important it is to be mentally fit as well as it is to be physically fit. We know it is ok not to be ok and are always developing skills to help get us back to the ‘green’ zone.

Throughout the day we complete lots of mindfulness activities. Try these activities at home either by yourself or with a family member.

Cosmic kids yoga:

Just dance: YouTube search

Joe Wicks: YouTube search

BBC super movers:

Go Noddle:

Mindfulness colouring


Listening to music

Breathing exercises


Suggested mindfulness books:

  • Ruby’s Worry- Tom Percival
  • The Lion Inside- Rachel Bright
  • The Colour Monster- Anna Llenas
  • The Proudest Blue- Ibtihaj Muhammad
  • Shine- Sarah Asuquo


How you can help at home:

Complete a mindfulness activity and talk about how it made you feel. Maybe you were feeling in the blue zone, but after breathing exercises you are now back in the green zone.