Mindfulness Design and Technology

This term in our Mindfulness Monday sessions we are focusing on Design and Technology, following on from the fantastic learning we did on the book, ‘I Can Be Anything, Don’t Tell Me I Can’t!’ by Diane Dillon.

We started by looking at a variety of pop up books, and pictures with moving pages featuring sliders, flaps and levers. We then had a go at designing some flaps ourselves. This is the first time we have done anything like this, and it brought out our creative sides! For example some of our flaps said “Open me for a surprise!”


Next, we took an image of a Remembrance Day soldier on cardboard and gave him moving limbs using split pins! We found pushing the split pins through the cardboard tricky, but persevered well.

Now we are at the planning stage in our learning where we are designing a moving picture in the style of ‘I Can be Anything, Don’y Tell Me I Can’t!’

Below you can see our designs for our future jobs of footballer, vet, farmer and doctor. We have included labels in our designs to show exactly where our levers and sliders will be going.


We will keep you posted on how the learning progresses to the final stage, where we will be creating our final moving pictures 🙂


How You Can Help At Home:

Choose your favourite book cover, from a book in your house and copy it out. Can you add a flap or a slider to to your drawing of your favourite book? You only need glue, scissors and paper to do this. Good luck!