Outdoor Maths Fun!

We have been really enjoying taking our learning outside in Year One and being inspired by our school grounds.

We linked our learning in Maths with the natural world and the passing of the seasons by doing some ladybird Maths! Ladybirds are one of our first signs of Winter, as in Autumn when our weather starts to get chilly, they will creep indoors to keep warm! Have you seen any ladybird on your windowsills?

We looked at the number of spots on our ladybirds and wrote addition number sentences for our halves and doubles. It was so fun dipping our fingers in the black paint.

On Wednesday we continued this learning by taking photos around the school and writing down the doubles and halves!

Where will our learning take us next?

How you can help at home:

If you fancy doing some Autumnal baking, why not bake some ladybird cookies! Make sure your ladybird has an equal amount of spots on each wing. The numbers will need to balance and be equal. Can you discuss the word ‘equal’ with your children at home?