My Garden

Over the last few weeks in English we have been learning about fantasy texts. We learnt the story ‘My Garen’ using a story map and actions to help us, and of course remembered to practise telling it with expression.

Once we knew the story really well we looked at a written version of the text and identified the features that were included in the story. We found alliteration, similies, expanded noun phrases and different sentence types.

We sorted some of the sentences from the story into the different sentence types to help us remember them.

This week we have been working in our classes to innovate ‘My Garden’ using our school as a stimulus. We worked hard to make sure we included all the features and practised telling it out loud. Finally we were ready to write down our new story. Take a look at some of our super work.


How to help at home 

  • Identify where fantasy has been used in other stories you read.
  • Hunt for the different sentences types used in texts you read, as well as expanded noun phrases, alliteration and similies.
  • Talk about ideas for a new fantasy story. What setting could you use?
  • Keep going with the weekly handwriting homework, it really does help your story writing.