Number of the week

In reception this week we have been learning ” how to link the numeral with its cardinal number value”. (Development Matters 2021)

We have been focusing on the numbers 5 and 6 and practising how to write it. We have used these little rhymes to help us:

  Down and around then a flag on high, that’s the way we make a five!

6    Down we go and make a loop, number six makes a hoop!

We have practised our numbers, counted out objects and used our number stones outside – one person even noticed that placing the two and one stone on the number three was the same!

How you can help at home: count things you might find outside or in the home – stones, leaves, spoons, toy cars and try to count out a group of 5 or 6 items even if they are all different! See if you can spot the numbers ‘5’ and ‘6’ around the house.