Our First Week

We have had a very busy first week in Year 2.

We have been learning about the Golden Rules and thinking about how rules are helpful to us.

We have spent lots of time reminding ourselves about the Zones of Regulation and have been learning about what it means to be able to self regulate. We are good at identifying when we might be in each of the zones and have been practising different tools to help us move between the zones when we want to. We know that it is ok to be in any zone but that the green zone is good to be in when we are learning.

In Maths we have enjoyed playing games with partners and have been trying really hard to take turns. We have been practising making 10 in different ways and when adding numbers we have been working hard to hold the starting number in our head and then count on. We have also been playing on the Numbots app, and have been excited to move up through the levels collecting coins and stars.

In Science we have been thinking about the different foods we like to eat. We did a survey and found out that Bear classes favourite food is chocolate cake and Giraffe’s is ________. We agreed that even though these might be our favourite foods we shouldn’t eat them all the time.

We can’t wait for another fun filled week in Year 2 next week.