Our last week for this term.

Wow, how did the time go by so quickly?  Who would believe that the children have already completed their first half term in Nursery?  It seems like only a very short time ago that they were dropped off at school for the first time, ready to start their new adventure and now they look like seasoned professionals walking into the class with such confidence!

This week saw another busy learning time for everyone and the children had a fabulous time exploring and experimenting in the classroom.  They had a great time mixing, scooping and swirling the slime bath in the garden.  This activity brought about lots of opportunities to develop their communication skills and it was good to see the children enjoy such a tactile and messy activity!  There was a lot of predictions and speculation about how things work and why the ping pong balls did not want to slide down the ramp.

In maths we have continued with our number recognition and formation.  This week we have looked at number 6.  Everyone worked very hard to form their numbers and enjoyed completing interactive activities where they had to find the number that comes before and after 6, identify 6 from a group of other numbers and also count out the correct amount accurately.

We have also been hard at work changing for PE by ourselves!  It might have taken us a bit longer to get our buttons done and making sure our shirts were the correct way around- but we did it!  The children had a wonderful PE session.  They were able to talk about how their bodies felt after their exercises and one of the children excitedly said: “My heart is bumping fast!”  They played a boisterous listening game and ended the session with a few rounds of a group game.  Please be patient with the children if they come home with their clothes in a bit of a muddle, they are trying their best to be independent.

How you can help at home:

Play “I spy a number”  with your child where they have to listen to the clues you give them to help them identify the number.  E.g. It is the number after 5,  it is this many fingers… it is the number before 7.

Here is a website that we find very useful to practice our number recognition:  https://www.topmarks.co.uk/r.aspx?sid=5708

We hope you have a restful weekend and enjoy your half term holiday!

xxx The Nursery team