Painting Pots!

This week we have continued our Mindful Monday pottery! Now that our pots are dry and ready to go, we have been painting our pots in the style of Clarice Cliff. We have been using lots of bright colours and have been inspired by the images of the artist’s work to create our own.

We have been learning how to hold our paint brush and apply small brush strokes with small amounts of paint to carefully paint our clay pots. From drawing our designs in previous weeks we have been able to use those ideas in our painting to design a pot of our own.

We particularly enjoyed getting the paint out! It was great fun to use a wide range of colours and get creative!

How to support at home:

  • Is there an artist you would like to introduce your child to? Experiment at home with some paints and see if you and your child can create your own artist inspired piece.
  • Mixed media art! We used both clay and paints to complete this artwork. Could your child use paints and crayons to make one fantastic art piece?
  • Visit an art gallery! Can you find any artists you particularly like? Why do you like them? Why don’t you like them?