Senses Poetry

In English we have been exploring poetry, in particular senses poetry following on from our learning in Science.

We started by reading and performing the poem ‘In This Room’ by Pie Corbett. We discussed how the poet Pie Corbett used adjectives (describing words) to add detail to his poetry.  Next we started planning our own poems. We decided to use our senses to describes the autumnal changes outside in the playground. First we discussed and spotted different signs of Autumn. Then we used our senses to describe these changes. Lots of adjectives were used to bring our writing to life!

What you can do at home:

Look around your house or go on a walk. Using your senses and describing words (adjectives), what can you see, hear, smell and feel?

Repeat this when the season changes from Autumn to Winter. What differences do you notice? Has anything stayed the same?